LRS Testimonials

LRS Testimonials

Check out a WFMJ interview with alumni, Sami Blasko!

” Liz is an amazing vocal teacher and coach. When I first started studying with Liz I already had a great deal of training and experience under my belt. I sang in a touring country/rock band for over 5 years and had my Masters degree in Opera/Music Theater. Liz helped me find a mix belt that was comfortable and extended my belting range by at least four notes. The great thing about Liz is that she doesn’t stop with technical training: Her approach to interpretation and musicality is thoughtful and emotional. I found myself connecting so deeply to songs after working with her that I needed to learn to control my tears; It was such a beautiful release to connect to music in ways that I hadn’t for years. Liz was able to guide me back to the music and provide technical coaching at the same time. I highly recommend Liz for students of all ages and walks of life.”

-Danna Pantzke, Performer

“Liz Rubino is a rare find and if you are lucky enough to pick her as your child’s vocal coach you will never be disappointed. My daughter Kelsey took lessons from Liz for 7 yrs before moving across country. At a very young age Liz taught her how to analyze the characterization of the songs she was singing learning every emotion for every single line of the song- not just singing empty words. Leadership opportunities were awesome allowing her to be a student choreographer for their shows. Liz teaches a great range of repertoire but will also cater to your child’s focus such as my daughter and her guitar. She offers wonderful opportunities for a wide variety of gigs with encouragement every step of the way. My daughter has stated that the many teachers she has had in college will never compare to the friendship and guidance she has received from Liz Rubino.”

-JoAnn Vansuch, Parent

“I’d like to send out a special thanks to Liz Rubino for all of her hard work and dedication in helping me to prepare for my college auditions. I am happy to say that I have been accepted into the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University in Pittsburgh and I owe a lot of that to Liz.

For many months Liz and I worked together picking out and working on just the right music and preparing specific monologues. Liz also lined me up with an accompanist, a photographer to do my headshots, a dance instructor, and also helped in preparing a professional resume. At my auditions I was told that I was very well prepared, with unique song choices, and I certainly owe that to Liz.

I started with Liz Rubino Studios when I was twelve and I must say it has been a lot of fun as well as being a very positive learning experience. I would highly recommend Liz to any new comers looking for a great teacher who is not only kind, caring, and compassionate, but also has great ability and talent and will guide you through all aspects of what voice and the theatre arts have to offer.

-Lindsay Stevens, Point Park University

“Oh my oh my! This is very difficult for me to write because had I not met Liz, I don’t think I would be on this path I follow as of now. I wouldn’t even have met my beloved best friends. I was always an outgoing little girl. I really enjoyed to sing. In fact, my grandma has always said if I’m not talking, I’m singing. I would sing in school talent shows and plays. I also did a bit of community theatre but I was a little figure skater and I focused most of my time on that. When I was 10, my uncle took me to see The Foreigner at the Oakland and on the back of the program, there was an advertisement for voice lessons on the back. I freaked out! I thought that would just be the coolest thing in the world so I begged my mother to contact the woman.

That woman was Liz and I took lessons off of her for my school days. Not only did she help me develop and hone my skill, she taught me the importance of performing arts in the lives of children. From Broadway and Beyond, to Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and Frog and Toad, I witnessed Liz teaching and enriching the lives of many people through her love of theatre. I not only had an excellent teacher, I had a perfect role model. Liz even took me to see my first Broadway show.

When she moved to NYC, I didn’t really understand what she was going to graduate school for. As I got older, I finally understood what exactly drama therapy was and how vital it can be in the lives of afflicted youth.
You see, I always thought I just wanted to be on Broadway but from growing up with Liz I learned that I could use my talents to help others, which I believe is my corner of the sky. The magical world of the performing arts can teach people about so much (my favorite lessons are about love and acceptance) and because of Liz I was able to understand how to introduce others to it.

Currently, I am a child life specialist major at Ohio University. My goal is to work as a child life specialist in the hospitals in NYC, possibly be a child wrangler for a Broadway show while being able to audition on the side. I plan on one day getting my masters degree, maybe in drama therapy. Maybe I will join the Peace Corps and bring my love of song and dance over there We will see!

I suppose I just want to stress that Liz is a breathtaking teacher and performer. She helped me make my dreams better. I have performed a variety of roles including Wendla in Spring Awakening, Grace in Annie, Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance, Sharpay in High School Musical, Cosette in Les Miserables, Miss Sandra in All Shook Up. I have shared my love of theatre with children who suffer from various devastating illnesses. I have brought songs, smiles, & joy to those who are most in need of it and I do not think I would have gone to do so without Liz.”

-Mackenzie Leskovec, Alumni

“My recent class with Liz’s studio was immensely enjoyable. The students were attentive and picked up the material very well. The teaching facilities of the Tyler History Center were amazing! During every encounter with Liz, it is clear that she dedicates absolute focus and compassion to her mission of helping students achieve their full potential. Her postive energy and caring nature are contagious!”

-Kayla Boye, Teaching Artist, FOSSE!