As a director, Liz Rubino brings a unique blend of psychological and emotional excavation devices, classical and contemporary theatre methods, a keen sense for bold and innovative staging, a love for theatre as a collaborative art form, and a deep understanding of the human condition.

Spring Awakening Directed by Liz Rubino


Directed by Liz Rubino

“It was, by far, the most fully developed musical I’ve seen in Youngstown in a long time. With stimulating, unique choreography, smart vocal and instrumental performances, and a thoroughly developed design aesthetic, this show was superb.”-The Vindicator

“Director Liz Rubino gets maximum dramatic impact out of the material with her staging”-The Tribune Chronicle

“Spring Awakening,” which opened Friday at the Oakland Center for the Arts, is not your typical Broadway musical. It is not cheerful or uplifting. It is not vapid or silly. But it is truly amazing. Director Liz Rubino and her cast have tackled the heavy subject matter and gorgeous musical score with maturity and professionalism. The entire cast formed an impressive ensemble that worked together perfectly. Rubino’s set utilized many levels that kept the action moving around the stage while the bare, minimal design added to the stark, bleak tone of the play. The heartbreaking subject matter and moving musical score combined with the extraordinary talent of the cast made “Spring Awakening” at the Oakland a beautiful and emotional production. -The Vindicator


resized bare

bare: a pop-opera

Directed by Liz Rubino

“Director Liz Rubino has outdone herself in assembling a fine group of talent. With the apt assistance of musical director extraordinaire Cory Davis, Rubino has achieved a professional-level show. The cast handles complex harmonies and more than two hours of almost constant libretto with what seems like ease. While certain parts of the story seem to be borrowed from numerous other well-known musicals and plays, Rubino steers this production far from the realm of cliche. An undertaking of this magnitude is impressive and a definite must-see.”