LRS Triple Threat Troupe


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Train, rehearse and perform in a focused, private and small group atmosphere while growing in your crafts of voice, drama and dance. Spend select weekend dates with like-minded youth who are passionate about the performing arts.

Limited spots require an audition, however no prior experience is necessary.

Performance opportunities take students around the country as well as local, regional and community venues. While national performances are not required, they fulfill many young artists’ dreams.

Walt Disney World Performance

New York City Performance

Auditions Now Being Accepted For The 2016-2017 Season In Youngstown, OH through August 30, 2016:

Triple Threat Requirements

Once you have paid the audition application fee in the LRS store, you will follow the requirements listed in the link above and record and send a video to Youtube works well and you can list it privately.

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View the 2016-2017 calendar here!